Mnp Tekla Structural Designer Winner Header

22 June 2021


Award Win – Tekla Structural Designer 2021

Recognised for our design quality for the second consecutive year

We are pleased to have been recognised for the quality of our modelling and awarded the Tekla Structural Designer Award for our work on 10 Greycoat Place. This is just one example of a real-life project model that we regularly build for our clients. The Tekla software allows us to develop and optimise our designs.

In our award-winning design, we had to overcome the constraints of working with an historical building and very tight vertical and horizontal deflections. Our design on Tekla was crucial to the success of the project, as it enabled us to maintain the feel and design parameters of the existing structure and ensured the scheme achieved a high level of quality whilst meeting the clients’ requirements. The complex nature of the sixth to roof levels, which incorporate the 45-degree profile needed for planning, has led to extensive coordination and design considerations for us and the design team which has only been eased by using 3D design.

At Mason Navarro Pledge our ethos is to bring this thoughtful approach to every design for all our projects, to help identify ways to maximise the design while maintaining project budgets.

Here’s what Jake Alley, Engineer and designer of this structure, had to say:

“It’s a great feeling to receive the Tekla 2021 Structural Designer Award, following on from Euan Stenson’s excellent Twickenham Riverside Development Bid model the previous year was always going to be a difficult task. The award submission has highlighted the excellent collaboration between MNP, SPPARC, Eckersley O’Callaghan and the rest of the design team as well as showcasing the potential of our 3D modelling expertise in not just Tekla but Revit as well. Associate Director Nick Hardy proposed a series of cranked steel frames which formed the perimeter of the structure which I believe became the stand-out aspect of our model. It was a pleasure to work alongside SPPARC and the whole team and hope we can take the knowledge gained on this project to aid us in future projects together.”