Mnp Why Sponsor Nh21

01 July 2021


The importance of paying-it-forward: NH21

Supporting Sporting Ventures in our Community

At Mason Navarro Pledge our social values are extremely important to us. Philanthropy, community support, environmental concern and wellbeing underpin all we do.

While we are STEM ambassadors and are passionate about promoting STEM – particularly women in engineering, it’s also very important to us to be involved with our local community. Our roots are in Hitchin and this community has supported our growth, from initially being quite a small firm to the one we see today of a 50+ strong business. This support has enabled us to expand into Manchester, London and now we are looking to open an office in the southwest later this year. 

Stuart Pledge, Managing Directors says “…this is where we live… this is our heart and this is what we want to support. Getting involved in the town centre spaces and buildings to being a supportive partner in the local rugby clubs. We give a bit, they give a bit back. It’s pretty straightforward for us.”

This is why we’re pleased to give this support back by sponsoring NH21’s Back2Schooival Rugby and Netball festival. As a business, we’re huge rugby advocates. MNP has sponsored the rugby club at Hitchin now for coming up 5 years as main sponsors and have sponsored many festivals and tournaments over the years and hope to continue to do so for many years.

You can watch the full interview with Adam Howard of NH21 below: