Gascoigne West Phase 2 Towers

Gascoigne West Development Phase 2

Residential Regeneration. Phase 2: Affordable Housing

Following the successful completion of Phase 1 works, Phase 2 of Gascoigne’s re-generation works are now underway. Phase 2 consists of 386 dwellings split over five 9-20 storey blocks, 31 townhouses, and a community hub. All together this development will deliver much-needed affordable housing in Barking and community infrastructure.

We are really pleased that the construction is progressing well and is ahead of programme. The slip-formed construction towers took shape quickly with 8-10 days floor to floor circle. Cladding installation is progressing well for Block 5 and Block 4. Compared to traditional hand-set brickwork, precast concrete cladding can be installed quickly on site. This offers significant construction and programme advantages. Precast construction also offers a high degree of sustainability benefits such as reduced waste and improved material efficiency as well as high thermal performance.

Our use of BIM on this project has played a key part in the engineering of this project. It has fast-tracked the design process and helped to inform decision-making at the critical path of construction.

Video Credit: Wates Group

TP Bennett
Architect / Partner
White Arkitekter, Wates Residential, Be First
Site work at Gascoigne West Phase 2

Gwp2 Steels 1

Gwp2 Steels 2

Mnp Gascgoine West Phase 2 Progress 3

Gascgoine West Phase 2 Progress 2

Gascgoine Wes Phase 2 Progress

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