MNP Blue Peter Mural Main

Moving Featured Mural Wall at the BBC

Protected wall gets a new home

The wall formed the boundary of a much loved garden at the BBC Television Centre.  Working in collaboration with PAYE Stonework and Restoration, we detailed strengthening works to the wall, provided a new reinforced concrete foundation and bolted a steel frame to both sides of wall. The wall was cut out and rolled out of its existing location on hydraulic rollers and craned away to be stored.

MNP Blue Peter Mural

MNP Blue Peter Mural

MNP Blue Peter Mural

Wimbledon Theatre

Fixing a broken arm – 30m up!

Shakespeare’s Statue

Iconic statue in Leicester Square restored

Banksy Painting Removal

A challenge at 2.5 storeys up!

Tower of London Superbloom

The most significant changes to the moat at the World Heritage Site in over 150 years.