MNP IAMP Memorial

Iraq and Afghanistan War Memorial

Sculpture by Paul Day

The memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens is formed of two Portland limestone monoliths towering over 5.5m high with a combined weight of 35 tonne with a 1.8m diameter bronze medallion set floating within the centre.

Alongside PAYE Stonework and Restoration, we were successfully appointed after an international design competition to create a memorial dedicated to those who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Working in close collaboration with renowned sculptor Paul Day, we designed a piled foundation on the reclaimed land along the line of the old riverbank. We detailed a hidden stainless steel framework to support the bronze medallion and stabilised the stone monoliths.

The memorial was unveiled by HM Queen Elizabeth II and 2,500 specially invited guests as part of a fully televised Drumhead Ceremony in March 2017.

Architect / Partner
Paul Day
MNP IAMP Memorial

MNP IAMP Memorial

MNP IAMP Memorial

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