The directors of Mason Navarro Pledge

A hands-on firm of civil and structural engineers, working on large and small projects across the UK.

We are a proactive partner on every project helping architects, developers and investors do more with their buildings.

We identify opportunities and craft solutions, carefully balancing creative and commercial needs. At every stage, we contribute our expertise and ideas in a way that’s clear and precise.

Our open, approachable culture is fundamental to how we work. We put a huge emphasis on maintaining a team who are technically adept engineers, and also great to work with.

We are creative and passionate, and these values are clearly seen through our designs of structures that get people talking.

We are the Strength behind the Building.

Our Expertise

For over twenty years, we’ve built an experienced civil and structural engineering team with a breadth of skills and broad industry knowledge.

Meet Our Team

Mnp Nick Hardy
Eleanor Softley
Euan Stenson
Ben Demont
MNP Tom Georgakopoulos
MNP Malcolm Ash
MNP William Wang
MNP Vanessa Weller
MNP Simon Fielden
Shelter Dube Senior Structural Technician
MNP Louise Beddall
MNP Parag Sidhpura
MNP Natasha Brown
MNP Nadir Coowar
MNP Robert Ellis
MNP Lloyd Robinson
MNP Lee Hobbs
MNP Kristian Holness-Dove
MNP Kennedy Lupindula
Mnp Richard James.rw2 8463
MNP Jeffrin Simon
MNP James Lennon
MNP James Evangeli
Mnp Jackhoward.1
MNP Gary Saraiva
MNP David Gale
MNP Andrew Ho
MNP Alex Booyse

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for new members to join our team.

Keep an eye on this page for our latest vacancies, or contact for more details.

Positions Available

REVIT & BIM Technicians
Civil & Structural Engineers (at all levels)
Student Placements