MNP Sylling House

Sylling House

Spectacular timber frame house built into a hillside in Norway engineered to resist extreme wind and snow

We had three main priorities: structural integrity, sustainability and a quick turnaround.

With collaborative computer modelling, we developed designs for the building framework and sloping roof. Then, we liaised with local engineers to ensure the property was in line with Eurocode standards. To save time, all building components were manufactured in England and delivered to Norway in parts. Finally, triple-glazed windows, underfloor heating and advanced insulation maximised energy efficiency.

Clad in rust-finished Corten steel – a nod to the colouring of traditional Norwegian barns – and with its low vertical profile, the house is a beautiful and unobtrusive addition to the Scandinavian landscape.

Oslo, Norway
Private Client
Julian Kinal RIBA
MNP Sylling House

MNP Sylling House

MNP Sylling House

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