MNP Maserati Lamborghini

Maserati & Lamborghini

Complex civil and structural engineering for new supercar showroom

The H.R Owen Maserati and Lamborghini dealership in Stockport needed more space. We designed a new showroom, to display the full vehicle range, along with much needed new service bays. To make the most of a sloping site, MNP carried out extensive civil engineering beneath a new car park and retaining wall with slender steel profiles to compliment the high-spec interior and glazed façade.

H.R Owen wanted to reveal the new showroom on Guy Fawkes’ night, with the original Lamborghini Miura P400 that Michael Caine used in The Italian Job. With an efficient and focused approach, we made sure everything was ready for the big night.


H.R Owen
Architect / Partner
Louis de Souissons
MNP Maserati Lamborghini

MNP Maserati Lamborghini

MNP Maserati Lamborghini

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