MNP Ferrari Showroom

Ferrari Atelier

A refined, sophisticated space for the world’s most luxurious car brand

Continuing our association with London’s prominent Berkeley Hotel we were asked to engineer a high quality showroom to fit inside the existing building. We engineered floor strengthening and removal of structure to accommodate a prescribed car layout. We created a suspended floor, glazed façade and exposed columns.


Knightsbridge, London
H.R. Owen
Architect / Partner
MNP Ferrari Showroom

MNP Ferrari Showroom

MNP Ferrari Showroom

Maserati & Lamborghini

Complex civil and structural engineering for new supercar showroom

Seat, Westfield Shopping Centre, White City

A new kind of car showroom with outdoor experience centre, brought to life in the heart of a bustling shopping centre.

Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bentley

A new super car showroom called for a generous but elegant space

JLR Watford

Former hardware store transformed into a world-class car showroom