MNP Jaguar Land Rover, Watford

JLR Watford

Former hardware store transformed into a world-class car showroom

An old DIY store might not sound like the ideal location for a premium car showroom.

But with its new facility in Watford, we’ve helped Group 1 and Jaguar Land Rover create a world class centre – complete with an 18-bay workshop, MOT bay and valeting service.

First, we tackled the existing industrial structure. We made extensive alterations to extend the building at each end. Then, in partnership with a team of architects and specialist glazers, we engineered a stunning new façade to brilliantly display the full range of cars in huge picture windows.

Group 1 Automotive
Architect / Partner
SRA Architecture
MNP Jaguar Land Rover, Watford

MNP Jaguar Land Rover, Watford

MNP Jaguar Land Rover, Watford

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