MNP Emanuel School

Emanuel School

Stunning new spaces for a growing independent school

Emanuel School was founded in 1594 and for many years we have worked in collaboration to create a range of new spaces for the school, including a library, ICT suite, and the Fiennes Theatre. The most recent addition was the Dacre Centre: a three-storey arts and humanities block that interlocks with several existing buildings to maximise space.

Working with Horsley Huber Architects we helped create a high-quality exposed concrete frame housing several classrooms, as well as a soundproof music room, pottery studio and dark room. A glazed walkway connects the block to the theatre.

We are proud of our 14+ years of partnership with Emanuel School.

Battersea, London
Emanuel School
Architect / Partner
Horsley Huber Architects
MNP Emanuel Dacre School

MNP Emanuel Dacre School

MNP Emanuel Dacre School

MNP Emanuel Dacre School

MNP Emanuel Dacre School


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