Mnp Tekla Awards Winner 2020

10 July 2020


UK Tekla Modelling Awards

Public Vote Award Win for MNP

We are pleased to announce we have won the category of Public Vote in the UK Tekla Modelling Awards 2020, for our Twickenham Riverside Development Bid model.

This model started from an idea presented by Cullinan Studio for the project and whilst this model only went through to concept stage, our engineer Euan Stenson  could focus on the form finding and modelling which were used to express a structure to draw the public attention to the water’s edge.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for our model.

We asked Euan to share his thoughts with us on his latest award win:

“I am delighted to have won the Tekla 2020 Public Vote Award. Winning this award gives credit to Cullinan Studio’s spectacular design alongside MNP’s vast modelling capabilities. Cullinan Studio’s Twickenham Riverside Development Bid used a timber grid-shell canopy to create a sense of harmony between the proposed wellbeing centre and its surroundings. Director Stephen Vernon creatively used ‘tree’ and ‘V’ steel columns to elegantly support the canopy in his initial structural proposal. I believe it was this striking and innovative use of timber and steel that caught the public’s eye. I look forward to working alongside Cullinan Studio on future bids and projects, and hope that one day we can revisit this form of design. This award is only the beginning as MNP plan to participate in many more Tekla Awards to come!”

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