Luton Airport car park

Luton Airport Car Park 2

Major fire causes substantial damage

Following the fire in October 2023, we were employed by London Luton Airport Ltd to manage the damage and stability assessments and subsequently the redesign of the new car park.

We have carried out structural assessments using a variety of methods – visual inspections from a safe perimeter, drone footage, computer modelling and tracking movements gathered from an extensive target monitoring system that was installed.  Due to its instability, access over the structure has been obtained using a crane hung man-rider basket.

The structure has deteriorated significantly since the fire, and as such is no longer safe or fit for its intended purpose.  Floorslabs and supporting beams have collapsed, and steelwork has heated and buckled, with substantial loss of strength.

The car park will now be dismantled down to the foundations and re-constructed.

Luton, Bedfordshire
London Luton Airport Ltd
Luton Airport Car Park fire

Luton Airport Car Park damage

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