MNP 20 Bloomsbury Square

20 Bloomsbury Square

Investigation of a Grade II-listed Georgian Terraced Property with non-destructive, state-of-the-art surveying

We assessed the structural condition of The Bedford Estates property at 20 Bloomsbury Square without disturbing the building’s tenants. We brought in specialists Fugro to carry out a building ‘body scan’ using advanced thermal and radar imaging.

The scans showed us timber components, modern blockwork partitions in the basement, diagonal bracing in timber walls, as well as bonding, thickness and position of flues in party walls. With this information, we took steps to reduce the construction risks before refurbishment. It meant floors and roofs could be strengthened, and external brickwork repaired in the most effective way possible.


The Bedford Estates
Architect / Partner
Waterland Associates
MNP 20 Bloomsbury Square

MNP 20 Bloomsbury Square

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