Thames Tideway Settlement Impact Reports

05 November 2019


Thames Tideway Settlement Impact Reports

Owners’ Engineers to review reports and liaise with Tideway on technical matters

Thames Tideway is the company delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel, with the objective to reconnect London with the River Thames by building a 25km super sewer under the river. The current London sewer system is over 150 years old and was originally built for a population less than half its current size. This upgrade will help clean up the river and has many health advantages for those living and working within the city. Preparatory work on the project began in 2015 and construction is now underway at each of the 24 sites in London, with an anticipated completion date in 2024.

Owners of buildings close to the path of the tunnel are typically contacted by the team from Thames Tideway who have an obligation to assess and report upon the impact their works may have on the buildings above ground. MNP have been contacted by a number of these property owners affected by the work and appointed as the Owners’ Engineers, to represent them, review the reports and liaise with Tideway on technical matters. Reasonable costs for our work are reimbursed by Tideway.

If you would like to know more information on our Impact Assessment service then please contact Frank Navarro or Izzie Blane