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02 July 2018


Silent Room v2

London Design Biennale, Somerset House, September 2018

We are pleased to be sponsoring and extending our engineering expertise with a new and exciting project called: Silent Room v2. A quiet space for people to go and read a book in a normally busy place. The original concept was founded in Silent Room v1 in Beirut, Lebanon where the lead designer Nathalie Harb has a working base.

This is on display at the London Design Biennale 2018 at Somerset House throughout September. ‘Emotional states’ explores how design affects every aspect of our lives, the way we live and how we live – and influences our very emotions, being and experiences.

James Lennon, Associate Director says “As an engineer this project takes us back to first principles. The concept isn’t unique, finding a quiet space in a busy city, but our engineering solution will strengthen the structure and push the boundaries of design. We love to be the strength behind the building

Lead Architect for this project is Neil Ferries from BUF Architecture and we will be working alongside other sponsors and supporters.

Following the launch of the festival on the 3rd September 2018, this project appears in Deezen’s top 10 installations at London Design Biennale article. An extract is below:

“Lebanon: The Silent Room

Overlooking the Thames, The Silent Room is a noiseless cocoon-like structure that offers visitors respite from the noise and relentless energy of the city.

A blue geometric wedge of a building, it also offers a critique of the politics of city planning – data mapping has shown that the poorest parts of a city are often worst affected by noise pollution.

Designer Nathalie Harb previously installed a pink Silent Room at Beirut Design Week last year, but this is the first time that visitors to London can enjoy its isolation.”

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