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28 January 2020


Fire Damaged Buildings

Engineering buildings for safety

We have been involved in the assessment and reinstatement of fire damaged buildings, as well as helping to provide action plans to address issues raised by Fire Service audits.

This involves us inspecting the damaged building structures to assess;

  • structural materials of the building,
  • the foundations, as damage could have been caused by both a fire and unavoidably the emergency services remedial work to put out the fire
  • the ground floor slabs, which like the foundations, may have been damaged by fire or the fire and emergency services

Once the visual inspections have been carried out, specialist teams are engaged to assess the damage to the soil, the temperature melting points of the steel, and other fire forensic analysis. These reviews will involve specialist testing equipment and are led by our knowledgeable and experienced engineers, in close collaboration with our clients’ project managers.

MNP support the owners of the building in agreeing the scope and specification of work required to restore buildings back to commercial use, quickly and cost effectively.

There is usually a balance to be achieved in deciding the extent to which the asset is rebuilt. If either the steel frame, ground slabs and foundations can be shown (through testing) to have not been affected by the fire then savings can be made in the overall restoration costs and time in the overall programme of works.

Philip Holman from Carter Jonas had this to say of our services:

“I have worked with both Frank Navarro and Kennedy Lupindula on a number of occasions during the last few years and have always found them to be very easy to work with. They are knowledgeable, helpful and proactive.

The advice given by MNP has always been accurate, timely, and helpful and has allowed us to complete the various projects quickly and with greater ease than would otherwise be the possible.

We have a good working relationship with MNP and would happily recommend their services to any of our clients.”