BCO Dublin 2023

26 May 2023


BCO Annual Conference 2023

“Resilience and Inspiration”

This year’s BCO Conference is being held in Dublin from 7th-9th June. The British Council for Offices is at the heart of advances in the office sector, using research to predict and drive changes. Post-pandemic, office requirements have shifted with more of a focus on hybrid working including hot-desking and working from home. The office space needs to act as a central hub for employees, with a focus on collaboration, productivity and employee wellbeing.

The conference is an opportunity for BCO members and industry leaders to come together and discuss the evolution of office design, taking into account business and employee needs and expectations, along with the drive for environmentally sustainable builds. Office buildings also have a significant social and economic effect on the urban environment and the communities in which they stand. As Despina Katsikakis, BCO Senior Vice President, states; “It’s more important than ever to harness the new role of the office to support resilience and provide inspiring places for people and society to thrive”.

The itinerary comprises of seminars, discussions, networking events and office HQ tours.

At MNP, we work on many projects which involve the structural and civil engineering design of office buildings in city locations. Directors Stuart Pledge and Stephen Vernon, and Associate Director Thomas Akrigg, will be attending this year’s BCO conference. If you would like to meet up whilst we’re in Dublin, please get in touch.